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Defense Expertise

MATV in the field

SFI's broad array of fabrication capabilities, offers rapid start-up of large scale programs.  Our comprehensive Program Management ensures expert oversight of entire programs in all disciplines.   Single point of contact communications allows for accelerated exchanges of critical information.  SFI utilizes the  industry leading ERP system, which features integrated program management and project modules, both of which viewable in the customer portal.  All information immediately available both electronically and with expert assistance.

SFI's capabilities and performance have proven critical in the MRAP, MATV, and many other large scale programs.

SFI produces the most efficient armor components.  Reducing scrap, by engineering parts from custom rolled steels, allows for immense savings in materials.  SW Shield product can be engineered to customers precise nesting and ballistic parameters.

Distinction and honor are core principles that SFI has on display throughout the organization. Having recruited heavily from returning service members of all ranks.  SFI is proud and honored to employ veterans in command and control positions throughout various functional areas. 

Global Supplier of Medium and Heavy gauge Fabricated Steel Parts and Assemblies