Industrial Metal Fabrication

Markets Served by SFI

SFI has the experience and equipment to service a multitude of markets that require metal fabrications. Our current customers are global leaders in their industries – construction and agricultural equipment, material handling, transportation components and products, power generation and lawn & garden. We service our customers exceptionally well.  We understand this is what you are paying us to do. We do not underestimate the effort it takes to be a world-class supplier - and we never forget the responsibilities we have to provide quality products, competitively priced and delivered on-time. The time and effort it takes for you to develop us as a supplier/partner is tedious but necessary. In return, we need to vet you as a customer to assure our resources are well utilized.  We are interested in long-term, sustainable relationships that are mutually beneficial.  We will make the investment in you the customer – and our expectation is you will value our goals and responsibilities as well.

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