Custom Fabricated Parts for Transportation

Transportation-Related Industries

Transportation-related industries represent the single largest market SFI currently participates in by providing metal fabrication for transportation. From school buses to rail cars to reefer trailers, SFI vast experience facilities allow us to play a vital role in their supply chains. We understand the ebbs and flow of their product development – and we have coordinated our capital investment strategies to ensure we remain globally competitive and positioned to assure our success in these markets.

SFI thrives using our customer’s data typically via online portals. We actively monitor and adjust based upon these bits of information. In turn, we feedback important data points through EDI transactions, engineering, and business reviews, and over informal conversations. We become a part of your business. Custom fabricated parts for transportation include:

  • Battery Box assemblies

  • Cowls

  • Hat sections

  • King Pin and Suspension Sub-Assemblies

  • Light Bars

  • Stiffener Plates

  • Wing Plates

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